I guess the place to start one of these blog thingies is to tell you, dear reader a little about your protagonist, to whit, me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve known I felt different, out of place since I was about seven years old, although saying that, I have very few memories before about age twelve, nothing clear, just feelings. I didn’t really have friends growing up, never had a birthday party, never had people round after school, I didn’t really understand how to make friends, or why I would want to. People are generally confusing and scary and I had trouble understanding them although I have learned some coping strategies that help. I spent my free time around dogs and horses. Animals are much easier to be around than people, and much easier to communicate with.

I had a pretty ok childhood as far as I remember but my mom died when I was fourteen and I had a bit of a nervous breakdown, the first of four, which set me back a little bit. I’m not sure why I had it, but I think it was probably the stress of nursing my mom, and the experience of being with her when she died that was all a little too much. I did ok as far as exams went at school, and ended up at University, doing a degree that wasn’t really right for me, but I did ok at that as well. I’m pretty good at passing exams, and I learn new things pretty quickly if I’m allowed to do it in my own way.

I’ve worked in sales, because it seemed like a good way to force myself to understand other people better, and I was ok at that too, got promoted, got headhunted by bigger companies, moved up the ranks, then I had to give that up about six years ago to nurse my dad when he started to get really ill with aesophageal cancer. He couldn’t eat so it was pretty tough but I managed to keep him at home for most of the three years from diagnosis to his death. That was what he wanted, so that’s what happened, but I had been selling datacentre equipment to banks, and the banks stopped buying when they ran out of money so there was no job for me to go back to, and I was too specialised for other industries to take me on, so I got told I was on the scrap heap.

I didn’t like it there so I went another way and started helping people who were struggling with University. Some of them had mental health problems, some had learning disabilities but I found that I could show them ways that helped them work better and achieve the results they wanted. I did it just to see if I could, and to help people, I like helping people, I like to be helpful, it gives me worth and value I think. I managed to get a job doing the supporting of students at University and that’s what I do now, mostly students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and dyslexia, and mostly in creative subjects, and I really enjoy it.

So, that’s a bit about me, it will do for now I think. It gives you an idea of the sort of experiences that have shaped who I am, and what I am about. I’m pretty messed up mentally, and I struggle sometimes with communication but I think I’m doing better than I have, and hopefully I’m helping other people along the way. I’m not sure how this blog is going to develop, but I think it might be good for me, and maybe someone will read it and enjoy it. Who knows? ๐Ÿ™‚


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