Friday feelings

I don’t really understand the whole “Weekend” thing. Since I was about thirteen I have been working weekends and holidays, after school, whenever I had spare time. Now I’m older I still work weekends as well as during the week. I like to keep busy I guess? There is an issue though, and as with so many things I’m not sure where the Aspie mind ends and assorted other factors take over but I can’t seem to put the same sort of effort into keeping my living space in any sort of order, or anything approaching tidyness. I have always been accused of being lazy, not washing my clothes, not picking up, not vacuuming, whatever, but I just don’t notice that stuff like that needs doing most of the time. It isn’t that I don’t know that it is important, I just don’t see it as necessary compared with, say, walking the dog, or getting some writing done, or preparing for the coming week, so it gets left, and I get accused of being lazy, disorganised, slovenly.

I’ve heard from other Aspies that this isn’t uncommon but I wonder what lies at the root of it. Is it that our brains operate so differently in terms of what we find important? Are we more tolerant of disorder because we don’t see it as such? I know that I can look at a pile of stuff and pretty much instantly break it down into what I need and what I can use, what is useful and what is trash without having to go through it. Does an Aspie mind have a in-bulit ability to analyse complex situations like an apparently chaotic room? Is this why we tend towards being good at solving complex mental problems in mathematics, art, storywriting? Is it akin to the enhanced ability in spacial awareness reported in people with Dyslexia?

I think what I’m getting at here is this concept that just maybe these conditions, disorders whatever you want to call them that make us different, that are considered disabilities may also have some positive aspects to them. I know this isn’t groundbreaking stuff to many of us, but maybe we need to focus on the positives a little more in our communications with the NT community and particularly with those in education, those preparing lesson plans and trying to be inclusive of the Aspie student sitting in the corner. If we play to our strengths whilst still acknowledging and working on our weaknesses wouldn’t we be more likely to have successful outcomes in terms of bringing some really quite useful skills to the mainstream?

Just my thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚


One thought on “Friday feelings

  1. My life is a set of “organized” piles around me… part of it is I take care of the important stuff, then I get burned out and need to do something else – like walk the dog or read a chapter or finish work and go home for the day. Cleaning up the mess and organizing it just doesn’t seem a priority, though I always have such good intentions… still, bills get paid on time, work gets done, and I do know where stuff is. Maybe it’s just not that important. ๐Ÿ™‚

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