What I do

I like to stay busy so I don’t have a single job or career. I’m currently working as a support worker for disabled students at University, which is a great job and allows me to pass on some of the coping strategies, hints and tips that I have learned over the years, and to make a difference to the people I work with. I’m also responsible for sales and marketing for a manufacturer of a desktop 3D printer, which is quite good fun. It is a really quite exciting gadget and the target market is schools and colleges so there is a link with the support work, both jobs being linked to education. I also help out on a number of other projects including giving advice on website building and hosting, computer networking, business strategy and social media marketing policy.

That keeps me pretty busy, but when I do have down-time I love walking and getting out and about in nature,  as well as wandering around urban centres admiring great architecture, or art galleries and exhibitions to explore the creatve arts through history. I love being around animals and try to do that whenever I can as it tends to improve my stability. I enjoy films and books too, particularly horror, sci-fi and good comedy, and I’m passionate about theatre and performance art, supporting local artists and groups whenever I can. I’m a storyteller and performance poet whenever I get chance.


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